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October 11, 2010


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Journal Entry: Mon Oct 11, 2010, 4:32 PM

Main Questions:

1.Introduce yourself...
Hello, I'm RedPassion and some of you know me under the nickname Clarice. I'm 29 at the moment (and will stay that for the next 5 years ;P ) and I'm from Germany (for more details please read my profile, you can get more informations there in English, German and French)

2. Since when you used to draw?
I can't remember clearly... I think it was about 1999 or 2000? I started to draw portraits at first and then it went over to animes and cartoons.

3. Are you good in your opinion?
Not at all. Cause the artist is not the right person to judge this, others should decide that for themeselves. And you will always find a person, that is better than you so no matter if you are good or bad, you should always try to keep up and become better.

4. With which medias you work?
For digital drawings I normally use Photoshop 7.0 + GT (graphic tablet), except of that pencil and watercolors

5. Do you draw something for others?
Sorry, but I don't do request anymore. If I do than just for close friends only.

But I do Arttrades when I find some time. :)

Commissions I take too, in fact. At least when I have enough time for it too, of course.^^;
If you are interested check out this link:…

6. Would you like to be friend with me? Our would watch me back if I watch you?
It's nothing personal but I like to keep my friendlist short to not confuse myself and I just watch artist or people that I want to watch by myself, because to get a watch doesn' mean, that I'm forced to watch this person back or to be friends with, sry guys.

7. What is if I find your art on another account than yours?
If this happened and if its not posted from my DA Account (RedPassion/Clarice) or from my Animexx Account (Clarice) then please inform me about that. It would be also nice if you would report it to the helpdesk. Thank you.

8. What do you think about getting comments/feedback?
Sure I do, who doesn't? I appreaciate every single comment I get and I'm happy about constructive critics, new ideas, tips, ect. :)
Comments from trolls or spammern will be reported and hidden, also evil and provocate comments.

9. Is it normal that you don't replay to any comment or thank someone if he/she is going to watch you?
Acutually I try to answer every comment, as good as possible but it can happen, that I don't find the time to answer you quickly. But feel free to ask me anything I forgot to write in my FAQs now. At least I will always say "Thank you" to your comment anyway.

10. Can people use your art for random stuff like forum decoration, signatures, avatrs ect?
No, because just it's on the internet doesn't make it yours and doesn't allow to use it, e.g. for own storys, fanfiction-covers, other made up OCs and so on... thx

11. Do you draw hentais/erotic-art ect? :|
Yes I do, but just for myself or friends and in commissions.

12. Are you somewhere else except of DA?
Yes, would be strange if not, right?

Harry Potter Questions and about Louis XVI:

13.  Who is Emily?
Emily is my original character. She was created between 2006-2007 in first based to be the friend and 'lover' of Louis XVI and dedicated to the anime series Lady Oscar/Rose of Versailles/La Rose de Versailles/Versailles no bara.
I used her in a RPG before the first drawings were done (,… From this day forward, I drew more pictures of her and consolidated her position at the side of the last king of France. Because after I started my studies about him and when I realized, the truth behind the anime series, I needed to give him someone who would bring a bit of sun in his actually poor life. Even when it is only fictional. So yes with this she was at first a special creation just for him and she will always be. These two are meant to be.

That was the first version of Emily, but now there existist another one. An alternative version, you can say.
It's right that they look actually the same and have the same name, but have slightly other personalities because of the different backgrounds and storylines. Let me explain the difference:

~*Roses of different Time*~:

The story of Emily 1 (the original) begins 2005/2006 at an university in Berlin. She's 23 years old and studies history and art, her speciality is the French history. Her best friend and student/room mate is Isabelle Thiery (21 years) that will go with her trought thick and thin. Because of an invention of an other student they are friends with they get the chance to go back in time. After some preparations they both find themselves in 1773 at Versailles in clothes of that time the brought from their home and try to integrate themselves as personal painter for Marie-Antoinette. In this time Emily get the chance to talk much with Dauphin (Crown prince) Louis, the fitire king, but after 3 month they have to go back to their century. Some last preparations follow cause she wants to go back and then forever.
Emi and Isa come back in May 1774 and Louis help them to come back to the court after some time, while MA isn't amused about that redhaired woman (In this story it's Emily's natural hair colour, even if it's not possible with such an intense red, but she wouldn't have had the chance to die her hair again back in the 18th century). Because of her knowledge from her studies she can give some advices to the now and new crowned king to improove the financial situation. She's the first woman he met, that understand his politics and is smart enough to be a real help for him. While the Queen of France is trying to get rid of her (cause she is jealous and afraid of her beloved postion of everything even the one of a ´mistress´), Louis keeps her close at the court and at least give her the position of the governess when his first child Marie Thererse was born (after her Louis Joseph and Louis Charles). So she overlook his children and becomes something like a mother to them, because MA wasn't around very much to care for her own children and more for her free time, Hamlet (Hameau de la reine) and her so great friends and of course of von Fersen she met again and got him as her lover. Louis´ children are the reason for the first shy kiss of Louis and Emily after 15 years of her second arrival in his time. She have loved him long time before that and just tried to be a good friend of him, while he loved her back but hold it back, too. Because it he knew, or at least was sure, that it would be simply impossible for him to get the chance that she could feel the same for him, when already his own wife didn't returned his feelings and just accepted him because he was the king. And Emily tried to not let this go too far in order to protect his image of the only King that never ever had a mistress, but can't withstand him finally when they really kissed and he begged her to stay. He needs her more than a friend. He also admit that he loves her with all his heart and that he don't want to know about a life without her by his side. Because after they kissed she feel terrible to lose her control that way, to destroy his  position and decided to leave Versailles, him and the children then forever. But of course she can't leave him. Not after she really have to realized that her dream came true. In the following years they have to hide everything even when everybody is aware of this special relationshop between them, but it would have been too dire for him if she would have been officially his mistress. Emily does her best not to get pregnant, but fails here again. She tells no one about the unborn child, not even her best friend Isabelle that still lives at Versailles, too. She's loosing the child and the ability get pregnant again by an accident and this is also the moment when Louis gets that information. But with this she's caring even more for his children and can stave off the death of his son Joseph for some time. Only two month after his normal death he fells off his pony and get crashed his neckbones by it. As a murderer of the new Dauphin, the only way to save her life, is to send her to ´exile´. From there she tries to help Louis together with Oscar, André and Alain which are on the side of the folk since the Revolution starts. After more failed action of Emily and even through the help of her friends she doesn´t arrives ro get him and the children safe again. All the wonderfil mistakes/situations of the Revolution happens anyway. But Oscar und Co. tries everything to get her close to Louis as often as it is possible. Altough they manage to get her into the Temple (his prison during his last month before death) she can't help him much and in the end she has to watch his execution where she nearly breaks. Only the task to protect the remained children give her the strengh to go on. With the help of her new friends she can't help Therese that will be later known as the duchesse d'Angoulême, but they can rescue Charles. The whole group of Emily, Charles, Isabelle, Oscar, André and Alain go to the country side where they life together until the former prince is about 18 years old. Emi is now 48 and dies at home during her sleep and after she won't be in that world without Louis anymore, now where Charles is an adult, while Lady Oscar and André along with their two children get killed by the soldats of Napoléon. Charles shares their fate and dies 10 years later than in the real history. The only one who survive are Isabelle and Alain with their two children.

~*The Beauty and the Bat*~:

The story of Emily 2 (the version of 2011) begins in September 1993 where she is 28 and the Muggle aunt of Lavender Brown who has no clue about the magical world. Although her mother was German and her father English she's now living in France where she works as a historian and an expert for the life of the royals of the Château de Versailles. She visits her sister in England and want to bring her niece to the Hogwarts Express, but because she has to carry one of Lavender suitcases inside the train, she's still there when the trains starts. And after Remus Lupin discovers her, he's not sure what to do with her, so he sents her later to the castle. Emily has to stay the whole year, cause the Ministry of Magic sees of the possibility that Sirius Black tries to kill or use her in order to get nearer to Harry Potter and so she has to stay with Severus Snape down in the dungeons, cause he should protect her and has an extra room in his flat. (Actually all of this is a secret plan of Dumbledore to bring her close to Snape and to seal his loyalty to the good side)
And he isn´t amused, playing bodyguard for this bloody boring and mulish woman, who reminds him a bit of Lily at first sight because of her red hair, but he learns quickly that she's totally different. Most of all because Emily has this ´precious gift´ to see behind his big dark wall and his lies. She's not afraid of him, nor does his sarcasm impress her, on the countrary she strikes back and he's getting even more furious when he looses some of their word fights. No one ever dared to act like her before and he hates her for her patience, her cheekyness and that he can't get rid of her. Besides that Emily, who becomes close friends with Lupin, likes Snape honestly and well, after a half year she also fell in love with him. But he doesn't make it easy for her and the next following 1 1/2 years are full of ups and downs. Some peaceful weeks and some very hard arguments, between hidden feelings, dangerous situations and confusion from his side because he still insist that he loves Lily and is not falling for Emily. After she was a new professor for Muggle history at Hogwarts during the fourth year of HP, she's willing to leave all behind and go back to her Muggle life in France when Severus tells her that he has the same feelings but refuse a relationship. Before she can really leafe he holds her back. Only a month after they came together without anyone knowing, Voldemort is back and the potionsmaster tries again to end their affair to protect her from the Death Eaters. He don't want to loose her like Lily but again she's too stubborn and with a lil support of Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix, Snape gives up. When Hogwarts gets under the control of Dolores Umbridge he has to smuggle her out of the castle and she has to stay with the Weaslys. She can come back, too after Dumbledore returns to Hogwarts, for another year, but Snape is secretly preparing everything to hide her another time. He knows that when he killed the headmaster, she wouldn't be save there anymore, so he pretends to kill her, too and bring her to the Prince mansion. For a year she stays there and her only company is her house-elf Tink, who was a present from Dumbledore in 1993. Severus cannot visit her often and he prepares everything for the case of his death, that someone from the Order can find her. In fact it's Remus, who survived the war, that is able to find the hidden house and has to tell her, that her love died in battle.
This is too much for Emily and she nearly can't stand the pain of her loss, but is willing to see him one last time. What both of them didn't knew that they salvaged him alive from the shrieking shack and treat him now at St. Mungo Hosptital. After his trial he's set free again and return with Emily to their mansion that is renovated by them in the following years. Finally able to make their relationship official he propose to her during their holidays in France. And again he thinks it is better for her, when they don't stay together, so he calls everything off and is so close of loosing her forever. But finally they marry on August the 7th in 2000 in Versailles. He opens his own potions shop in Diagon Alley only some month before their first son Septimus Severus Snape is born on September the 23th 2002, only two years after that Eileen Emily Snape is born on March the 22th 2004. He will be sorted in Gryffindor and becomes best friends with Albus Severus Potter, while Eileen is following her fathers path and is sorted in Slytherin. Whatelse this family is awaiting stands in the stars ;)
(We do know that the birth dates of Septimus and Eileen don't fit with the given birth dates of the other children in the proluge of the seventh book. But well we didn't let die Severus, Remus, Nymphadora or Fred die. Also we made Snape and all of the Marauders elder to fit them better with the age of their movie actors. They weren't born in 1960 but in 1942 - In all of these cases we allowed ourselves to stray from the books.)

You can also read and find the story of Emily& Severus here BUT its in german only!!
But here you can have a summary of the first chapter:…
Beauty and the Bat FAQs:
The Beauty and The Bat FAQs!!!!The Beauty and The Bat FAQs!!

This was a birthday present from my darling :iconRedPassion:.Because  yesterday I became 23 years old. But that's not the only reason to celebrate because right one year ago I wrote the first post with Severus  Snape as my role-play character in our game "The Beauty and The Bat".  
I can't believe it really that we already are writing one year on this story!
And it all began about one or two month before that, with the tiny and innocent sentence: What would happen if.... 
What would happen if her OC Emily would meet the Harry Potter character Snape?
It  was just for fun when we started playing this situation trough until we  just thought about how she would meet him. What could be the story before this? And yes there were little problems because Emily should remain a normal Muggle and should not transform into a witch or a  squib.  

And also ::

~*Curriculum vitae*~

Another storyline I started to create with my lovely :iconadrollity:
More of it is coming ASAP ;) So plz be patient :)

The idea for the alternative version of Emily came in a narrow sense from my darling  :iconkozmotispitchiner:, cause she brought me to the idea - What would be if... So of Emily would met Snape... Cause she love my darling girl. :) So the story around them was (more or less) born. ;) I liked it and now I'm so in love with it :D

14. Why is Emily and their children drawn in anime style while Snape is drawn more realistic?
At first these two are some kind of people from two totally different worlds and I wanted to make that even more clearer in my drawings. But in the end they should harmonate together, despite how different they are by personalities. I'm aware that not everybody shares my oppion that they match good together, but that is in this case, sorry to say that, not important to me. I like the way they look together and I draw Emily&Snape mostly for me and my friend and not to please others. In the end it's just purely a matter of taste.
Second: Severus is more realistic because this character doesn't belong to me (sadly :( ). He is potraied by the actor Alan Rickman, who I love very much, and so he's the Snape I always imagine, when I think of him.
On the contrary side, Emily is my OC as the kids are in some way. They are all made up and they are not modelled on some real existing person. Of course I have my photomanipulations with Bonnie Wright (the acrtess of Ginny Weasly) but she isn't Emily 100%! I always have to change some anatomic features to fit her into my imagination of Emily. When Bonnie for example looks sad than it isn't always the way Emily would look like in the same situation. So for Severus I always use a photo of Alan for reference, because he played Snape and when he looks like this when he's smiling than Snape would look like this, too. I can't use a photo of Bonnie and use it one to one for a drawn picture. So I prefer to draw Emi as I always did and know this way exactly how she has to look like. The same goes for the children.

Btw no one ever mentioned it on my drawings of e.g Alice&Tarrant (Alice in Wonderland 2011) before too.:roll:

Another critic was how I 'colour' Emily's hair in my black and white pictures. Yes she has the red hai and I know that normally it should be in a tone of grey, cause letting it white would imply blonde, white or silver hair. But some of them would turn out too dark with both of them having black clothes. On the other side, I'm just too lazy. Cause my problem is, that I can't draw them in grey so that they look good, I would have to do it first in red colour and then turn it into grey, that is too much work for so simple deviations. And I simply like it, the way it is. At least this prevents comments of Emily being Lily.

15. Why do Lavander and Emily have the same family name when they are only niece and aunt?
Lavender Brown (real HP chara and later girlfriend of Ron Weasley) is the niece of Emily cause we(me) gave Emily an older sister named Catherine which we dedicated to be Lavenders mother in that case, which is actually unknown. When Cathie once met her husband then it appear that they both have the same familyname - Brown. This is what most people would call an "unhappy coincidence". ;P With that it is no surprise that Emily and Lavender, who have the lil nickname "Didi" by Emily in our storyline, have also the same familyname. ;)

16. Why is Eileen blond when her father has black hair and her mothers is red?
Eileen is blond cause Emily is actually blond too, she have just dyed red hair, cause such a hair colour can´t be natural ;) XD I know what I´m talking about cause i´m a coiffeur XD And its not predetermined that you have the same hair color like your parents always. Me, I´m acutally blond as well and my parents are both dark hair... I look e.g more like my uncle than to someone else out of my family. And Emilys sister and niece (Lavender Brown) are blond as well;)

17. How can you say that Emily isn't a Mary Sue or a self-insert character when she looks totally like you?
At first I'm not looking exactly like her (nor would I wear everything of her clothes) and second, it was more that I designed Emily first with the red hair (I always loved that hair colour) and then became myslef more and more like her by dying my hair and let it grow long. Finally I wanted to cosplay her and so it is necessary to look like the character, isn't it?

18. Why is :iconkozmotispitchiner: always there to play the white knight whenever there is a bigger discussion?
Because the story of Emily and Snape is not only my idea and fanfiction. It's an RPG of her and me so she is also to blame for all of this ;P *just kidding*. She's the one who infected me with HP and plays the part of Severus Snape in story as she is my cosplay partner. We both created this plot and envelope it more and more. We're close friends and stay always in contact to talk about everything we want to do in our RPG and so she has the right, too, to defend our creation!

19. Why do you hate Lily Evans (all Potters) so much and declare her as b****?

Well I was asked that question often and actually it explains itself if you have read the books, but ok.
I try to explain this in detail ( I built up my mind on the basic of these few moments that were described in the book. And Yes I think that these are more or less a mirror of Lilys or the other characters general behaviour.)::::… (I'm sorry but I had to split my explanation of hating Lily cause anyway my entry would have been to long^^; so please click on the link)

20. Why do I love Louis XVI so much?
A question I was asked so often... So now I try to explain that as well...

Why a man, who was presented, by the flow of time, as incapable, humdrum, boring and unimportant but also as good-natured and proper resp. as a debtor for the disintegration of the Ancien Régimes?
In fact everything began through my childhood memories of the jap. Anime Series Lady Oscar - La Rose de Versailles - Rose of Versailles - Versailles no Bara.  Even it wasn't the best start for this subject. A fiction of a representation, based on the Novelle of Stefan Zweigs Marie-Antoinette - Bildnis eines mittleren Charakters (The Portrait of an Average Woman) from 1932, shows exactly this so "popular" image of that man like it was written above. A man, devote and controlled of his, construed through others, so unbelievable beautiful wife. Directed of his ministers, not able to make own decissions and who prefer to spend his time in a forge than to rule his kingdom.    
And exactly this image made me curious!
There were some very important key scene in the series which arise a lot of questions. I've never seen real protrais of the royal and real family of France before or at least i couldn't remember on it and I was not very pleased when I saw then the first and most famous painting of Marie-Antoinette - La Rose (Vigée le Burn). It was strictly speaking quite the opposite! So I asked myself, when i remembered on the drawing version of Marie- Antoinette in the series, why they showed her in such an falsified interpretation? It was/is simply unconceivable! The fear that the king seems to be the same was obvious. But then it happened that I was very surprised and in a truly postive way about his portrait from Duplessis, Joseph Siffred (1775)! His cartoon-version matched the original much better, even it was not correct in the first episodes for 100%. I was amazed, that the king was an slimmer, young and very handsome man, who fits to his series-interpretation finally much better in the course of time when he became more corpulence.
I have to admit that i truly love the anime-version of him as well anyway. It's so cute. :love:
At the beginning I was attached of Marie-Antoinette and the king. So I started to read everything I could get of them. (first german books only). Especially of Marie-Antoinette. I was thinking to find the same number of information of him, cause of thier sadly existed marriage. I liked her and felt sorry for her destiny. I was searching and reading through every books, magazine´ and even internet-site for more details. But sadly the most of them reflected not that much about the king and his private life with the queen. I only found the so strong published image of him, beside the so dramatic und lonley one of the queen, who wasn't  able to make his wife happy/satisfice.
Writings of Faÿ, Girault de Coursac, also memoirs ect. follwed, which dealt directly with the king. I expand my search in English and French to find more and more. So the questions became more and more too and my positive and undertsanding image of the queen I had at first to overturn. The more I learn about her and the more I got answers on my questions, the more I got also a lot of logical results. Cause all is not gold that glitters and the truth was totally different than peoples tried to make others believe for the so pretty pretence and for to support the "cash flow". Cause the conclusion about Louis XVI. was not the one of an dumb and clumsy losers! But also Marie-Antoinette wasn't this poor innocent victim of the condtions in the case of her husband and the regimen of France.
It seems more and more unfair to me and most of all beyond my understanding, why one did/does that to "him"?! In all of these detractions, lies and recriminations.
In my opinion was such an "classic" and common "distrubation of roles"  of Marie-Antoinette´ and Louis XVI. not correct. The person who came in the spotlight for, in my eyes, meaninglessness and superficialities, for lies and deception of the pompous "luxury-world", got the said laurels utterly wrong.
Cause if one side of the medal desever, respect, attention and clarity, the answer is segmented obviously.  
That's why i decided myself to create finally (among other things) an Hommage/Homepage in the order to give Louis XVI. his right and good name back to the world. One he deserve! And to show and teach the true image of a man, than the wrong one which exist already much to long in our history.
He simply worth it!   

My Homepage::: (for the moment in german only)

Thats why I dedicated my whole life to his and to study the french history since already many years and I never won't stop it until I "reached my goal".
I also try to get a job in the future as an guide in my so beloved Château de Versailles. Voilá


But at the end I just can hope this shows clearly why I hate Lily Evans so much and love Louis XVI.. And I won't debate about this anymore cause I have said everything that I wanted to say. If you still have a different opinion than mine than have it and don't bother me with it, espacially not in the case of Lily! You won't convince me with a made up dream view of her, that can't be proofed by the book. I have read these passages multiple times and know what is written there.

Almost the same with the sooo poor life if Marie-Antoinette. I have read a LOT of books in three different languages, letters and documents, my studies are not in vain for to become a guide at Versailles/Paris, so... Please spare me with comments like -
"You don´t know her, cause you are a fool and stupid, she was such a  great woman and loving mother...blablabla" - Yes of course she was...:roll: That's why e.g Marie-Therese hated her mother already when she was 5 years old. That's why the children never had a strong and maternal care from the queens side. That's why she betray the king many times, that's why she did high treason. Ect. ect. ect... The list of proofs of all of her mistakes and egoistic way of living is very very long!   
"You still believe in old lies like let them east cake, its WRONG! She never said it." - I do know that and I hate all of them who still believe in this stupid quote was said by her! BUT sadly it fits perfectly to her and how her life was showed over the years and with all of her actions and statements, so that's why I can understand that it is still so easy to believe it.  
"Read Antoina Fraser and watch Sophia Coppola" - Oh dear Lord, please not! >.> Keep your rubbish try of an pink illusion for yourself, your lil bible of ridiculousness. I saw the movie and own it. So I do with the book (GER+EN) which was meant to be a "biographie"... But to be honest when i read/saw it I wasn't sure if I should start to cry, to laugh or to freak out totally....-.-
My experinence shows much to well that "Lovers" of this woman simply live in their own dreamly holy world and arn't able to discus with someone who bring them facts up they've never heard about... well well the same old song, yes yes.... I can absolutely live without such individuals!

21.)There is still something you want to know and what isn't in my FAQs?
Leave me a comment right here and I'll do my best to give you an answer! Any other comments I will ignore.

Add a Comment:
Masha-Kremikova Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! I was actually brought here by your drawing Louis. It's interesting that you like him so much, he gets sort of a bad rap in my opinion. I saw Emily and my first thought was 'When did MA have red hair?'. XD forgive me. There are some things about her character and her story that I don't completely understand. I was intrigued by the idea and having struggled with character creation myself; I decided to write a review. I hope that I don't come off as mean, I'm just trying to help a fellow storyteller out. :)

The biggest complaint I see about Emily is that she's a Mary-Sue. While I do see some Mary-Sue like tendencies I really don't see her as so much a Mary-Sue as perhaps not completely developed. My biggest issues with her is that I feel that there is a bit missing to her character and I'd like to her a bit more fully explored.

I wonder what are Emily's hobbies, dislikes and interests? You've mentioned her interest in history which is a good start. What else does she like to do her free time? Does she draw, does she play the piano, does she do crazy science experiments in her kitchen? What interests her? Does she like to go to operas? Does she love music? What gets on her nerves, is there anything that scares her? I'd like to know what you think her great character flaw is? Is she perhaps a bit too indulgent of people she loves? Is she too quick to judge others? Does she have a reckless streak? I think it would be cool if these were explored a bit deeper.

The other big complaint I see about Emily is that she is too beautiful and that everyone falls in love with her. I'm not going to lie it does strike me as a bit irritating that so many people fall in love with her particularly in the HP fanfic. It's fine that Snape is attracted to her, she is meant to be her love interest in your story. I can even see Neville maybe having a crush on her especially if she's nice to him. He's still kind of a bumbling goofball in Prisoner of Azkaban and probably isn't used to getting any sort of attention from girls. However the Weasley twins, and Lupin is just kind of overkill in my opinion. 

As for Emily being beautiful to me it's just like whatever. For the most part there are remarkably few ugly or truly average looking fictional characters. People bitch and moan about people not writing ugly characters way to much. It's like ok why don't you write an unattractive character then an leave mine alone? I give you credit for not trying to pass her off as this average girl and then having her bitch and moan constantly about how ugly she is. To me that is so much more annoying than reading about someone who is beautiful.

I personally rather like the Rose of Versailles story though the hatred of Marie Antoinette does make me a bit sad. I by no means love her but I do disagree with your interpretation of her a bit. To me the fluffy pink portrayal of MA in the media is silly and really misses the point of who MA really was. She was silly, immature, and not at all cut out for her role, but I think there is much much more to her than that and I feel like nobody ever explores that. MA was given a role she was completely unprepared for in a very difficult time and she just couldn't live up to it. She had an extremely difficult mother, she was married off without a choice as at 16, and she lived in a court where she was mistrusted and increasingly unpopular. There is much more to her than most people give credit for.

I also don't buy the story about MA trying to abort Sophie. I looked at your source who I had never heard of before and I'm not sure I find him very credible. Furthermore I can't find this story anywhere else, I'm tempted to write this off as slander. Firstly aborting a child that could've been the King's would've qualified as treason. Secondly Sophie was born during a time with horrible prenatal and medical care and infant mortality was very high. It seems to be agreed that Sophie died rather suddenly from an illness. MA was very upset about her daughter's death too, which wouldn't make sense if she'd been trying to kill her.

Therese did not hate her mother either. Her relationship with her mother might have been complicated and I believe she was closer to Louis, but she very much loved her family including MA and their murder during the revolution was the biggest tragedy of her life. I think Therese's feeling about her family are best summed up by what she wrote on the wall of the tower she was imprisoned in during the revolution:

"Marie-Thérèse Charlotte is the most unhappy person in the world. She can obtain no news of her mother; nor be reunited to her, though she has asked it a thousand times. Live, my good mother! whom I love well, but of whom I can hear no tidings. O my father! watch over me from heaven above. O my God! forgive those who have made my parents suffer."

That doesn't sound like a child who hates her mother. That sounds like a scared girl who has lost her father, and desperately wants to be reunited with her family.

Still like I said found the story itself interesting. I like the time traveling and think I'd like to see some of Emily's problems adapting to 18th century society. Lol for me personally I'd have trouble adapting to the lack of personal hygiene haha. I like that Louis has a bit of a moral dilemma about starting an affair with her but I don't get his reason of worrying about having a mistress ruining a reputation. The Bourbon's were notoriously horny and I believe Louis was picked on because he was loyal to his wife and didn't have a huge harem like previous Bourbon Kings. I don't really have a problem with her being Louis' mistress in the Lady Oscar universe, MA wasn't loyal herself in this adaptation. (I personally believe there was a degree of mutual love in Louis and MA's real marriage, not a passionate romance but I think there was something there). The rivalry between her and MA makes since too, after all what woman is overly fond of her husband's mistress. I don't see how she would've been governess to MA's children though, it seems disrespectful on Louis' part. I see her better suited as some sort of lady-in-waiting. I also rather like that Emily doesn't get a happily ever cliche ending either. She didn't get everything she wanted in the end but tried to make it the best she could.

As for Beauty and the Bat there are a few more issues for me. Firstly I don't understand why Emily is a muggle. Wouldn't it be more fun to write a witch? It also causes a bunch of avoidable canonical and continuity errors. A muggle cannot go to Hogwarts and cannot see many magical things. It's also a bit silly that she gets stuck on the train. I can think she could end at Hogwarts for other reasons. If she was a witch she could say be hired as the new Muggle History teacher for instance? Btw I kind of like the Muggle History idea though. It sounds like a believable elective or something for witches and wizards to take in school.

I don't understand why she'd be a target for Sirius Black. She's the muggle aunt of Lavender Brown. Lavender and Harry aren't really friends and Emily herself doesn't know him. Sirius is supposedly completely obsessed with killing Harry and avenging Voldemort at this point. What would killing Emily gain him? It'd be sort of a waste of time on his part. Which brings me back to the whole why not make her a witch thing. It'd give her legitimate reason to be at Hogwarts as a teacher.

Dumbledore's reason for making Snape, Emily's protector doesn't make sense either. He already knows that Snape is on the good side at this point. Once again I think it would be cooler if Emily and Snape grew closer to each just from being colleagues and getting to know each be working together. 

Snape rescuing the trio during the dementor attack during the end of POA causes a bit of a canon problem. That's supposed to be Harry's job and it's a big part of the story and it's the first time he's actually able to cast a patronus. 

The Prince mansion doesn't really work for me either. This is probably a petty and minor thing but I don't see Snape owning a mansion. As an adult he's still living in Spinner's End which is described as being pretty much a shit hole. I think if he had a mansion inherited from Eileen that he'd choose to live there instead. Still this is minor. 

The Lily hate I don't get either. I really related a lot to Lily's character and the choice she had to make in the book. She's best friends with Snape but as he slowly gets dragged more and more into the dark arts the whole relationship breaks down. I honestly can't say I would've made a different choice if I were in her situation. I mean you've got a friend whose making worse and worse choices and they won't listen to you and don't see the wrong in their decisions. It eventually just gets to the point where you just have to cut them off before they drag you down with them. It's tough love you can only hope that loosing you as a friend helps them see the wrong in their decisions and realizes that if they keep it up that loosing you as a friend is going to be a consequence. 

As for her not questioning why she was any different for him, I think Lily was very much aware that she was a special case for him. Like she said he treated everyone of her status like trash, why should she be any different? It's like "Oh your a racist bigotted prick who treats everyone like me like subhuman trash but you're okay to me. So what? As far I'm concerned your attitude to others like me is an insult to me as well." I also get the feeling that Lily just didn't share the same romantic feelings towards Snape. It's unfortunate but not everyone you love is going to love you back and it's not necessarily their fault.

As for people confusing Lily and Emily. I'm afraid that as much as you protest Emily does look like Lily. People should read the description and see of yeah that's not Lily but they don't always. It's going to be an unavoidable thing unless you make some changes to Emily's appearance. Perhaps it's something to consider considering the frothing hatred you have for Lily. Otherwise I'd just ignore it and try not to get bent out of shape about it.

Lol anyways sorry for the mega comment. I just had a lot I wanted to say. I have followed you because I am interested in your work. You draw very well and I look forward to seeing whatever else you have in store.
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